Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breakfast Explosion

Ok everyone I learned something very important while making the 2 breakfast explosions today! One is it became a brunch explosion should have prepared them last night and cooked them at 5:30. Number Two don't use the sausage you get in a roll it is too mushy. I made one with that and one with Johnsonville Ground Sausage and the later is more firm and easier to roll.

The first one was with the Johnsonville sausage. We stuffed it with scrambled eggs, bacon pieces and cheese. It weighed in at around 3lbs. Not real exciting but Nana won't eat the one with everything in it LOL. She did say it was good.

The second one was with the roll sausage and weighed in at close to 10lbs. Now this one was a big'un. Made a double length of bacon weave to roll it up, and stuff was still falling out.

I mixed tomatoes and onions in the sausage it self. Had bacon pieces, Italian 5 Cheese, Gouda cheese, Portabellas, eggs, hashbrowns, and crab meat. It was a huge mess, but oh so good!

We will have a slide show up in a few so check back in a bit.

Keep it smokn,

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  1. Great cook. Both where yummy. Can't wait to see whats on the menu for this weekend.